Journey through Toddlerhood


Of all created things, the loveliest and the most divine are children. Likewise, being a parent is like embarking a wonderful journey of bestowing unconditional love. Seeing your bundle of joy grow is a delight second to none; but it’s equally heart-rending to witness them go through mysterious agonies of early childhood. Here is an attempt to share insights into a few toddler issues which may help you sail swiftly through parenthood.

a. Colics:

Colics are almost congruous with childhood; colics are secondary to gaseous accumulation – resulting from air swallowing (aerophagia), inappropriate post breastfeed techniques, fermented consumptions etc.
Conquering Colic:

  • Crying is a communication; and most of the times it’s due to colic – its precious to perceive this expression.
  • Gently pat on the back of the baby to facilitate excess gas / air swallowed post breast feeding.
  • Seek help of natural options like Fennel Oil* for assisting in symptomatic relief in colics.
  • If symptoms/ crying persists, associates with vomiting , and the child denies food – seek medical advice at the earliest.

b. Eating Tantrums and its Consequences:

It’s a perpetual issue with the child of every generation – and it’s fairly natural too. This may, however be detrimental for the child’s physical and mental milestones.
Overcoming Eating Tantrum:

  • The best way to deal with this problem is to accept that the child will have his/her choices and respect it just like we do for adults.
  • Reward enforced behavioral treatment will encourage your child to happily consume modest amounts of healthy diets.
  • Supplementing your child with high quality premium multivitamins$ and fish oils$$ is indeed a wise choice.

c. Recurrent Respiratory Infections:

Recurrent respiratory infections is a tenacious toddler issue. The challenges in this population is that the immunity is still under development, and it is difficult to identify the allergen.
Resolving Measures against Respiratory Infections:

  • Respiratory infection is mostly triggered with a change in weather – anticipate it and be prepared.
  • Avoid any form of artificial colored food, artificial flavors, cold consumptions in any form – these are the most common precipitating factors for setting off a allergic respiratory infection (which later becomes bacterial).
  • It is very interesting to know that Vitamin D insufficiency may result in increased risk of developing respiratory and ear infections. This may be explained by potential immune-modulating effects of Vitamin D. In view of the same, it may indeed be a safe option to supplement the child with Vitamin D# and monitor the duration and intensity of such episodes.
  • Cough – the troublesome symptom which renders sleepless nights to you and your child may be relieved by natural and safe options like honey based syrups.
  • If cough is associated with high fever, wheezing – these are warning signs and require to seek medical advice at the earliest.

d. Cranky Child

Parents are often clueless and harrowed when the child gets cranky, disobedient, howling – totally puzzled by the causes behind it.
Comforting the Cranky Child:

  • Here are a few pointers which may help unfold the cranky behavior:
    • Extremely cranky behavior may be a sign of anemia ; anemia is of several types; it would be worth seeking medical opinion to evaluate the type of anemia an treat accordingly.
    • If there is a new younger sibling just born, and is taking away all the attention the elder child was privileged with so far, it may be attention seeking behavior.
    • Unhealthy parental dynamics, unidentified fears are some of the other causes which makes the child irascible.
    • If the child is cranky for long, not eating well, and growing inappropriate to standards of his/her age – it would be nice to seek a medical opinion and rule an organic cause.

e. Gadget Addictions

  • Gadget addiction is the emerging epidemic of modern times – the seeds of which are sown in early childhood. Serious behavioral disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity.
  • Disorder (ADHD) may possibly be masked under the cover of such addictions, because the child is hardly exposed to a spectrum of stimuli to detect an altered response.
  • We are unfortunately living in an age where smart phones are becoming more fascinating than one day picnics, and internet gaming is more mentally luring than catching hold of a good book.

Getting Over Gadget Addictions:

  • There only therapy for this burning issue is healthy parenting – spend time with your children, make them feel precious and inculcate a sense of being in groups, involve them in natural outdoor activities and sports; – these stimuli will serve as the most gentle learning medium towards exploring the beautiful world around them.

Summary / Take Home Messages

It’s nice to be learned about the common issues of toddlers; identify the warning signs; and be familiar with scientific integrative natural therapeutic options.

Lastly, childhood is a phase which personifies freedom in its purest form, as parents we must strive to not tamper slightest bit of it. Your child is a reflection of you, make it gracious!!!

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Always read the label before use.


This article is an attempt to educate the patient; it is by no means a replacement for individualistic medical advice.

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