Vision and Mission

Australian Pharmaceutical Company offering a unique range of products to meet the ever increasing needs of our customers and medical specialists. Our commitment as a company and as individuals is to make a difference in everything from the products to services we offer.

Our products are developed with strong scientific evidence of efficacy and utmost safety standards. With this traditional knowledge, we offer a more natural approach to healthy living.

Our innovative, well-being products improve the quality of life of people around us and help them enjoy a longer, healthier life.

Our products are manufactured under stringent quality controls and assurance of highest international standards, which makes them a preferred choice.

It requires special level of enthusiasm and commitment, not just to our customers and the people we work with but also to the community and the world around us. We work hard to protect these intangibles, which make ZIFAM unique.

ZIFAMs’ manufacturing wing CMPS (Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Services Pty. Ltd.) is accredited with Good Manufacturing Practices based on WHO format by Therapeutic Goods Administration (Department of Health) Australia .

We are active in the pharmaceutical markets of Asia-Pacific Rim, Africa and CIS Russia; actively pursuing the markets of Australia, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam and Zambia.

With Australia as operating headquarters, ZIFAM has an elite field force of over 600 – the caring ones.

We have over 80 brands across various therapeutic segments being manufactured at Australia, India and Europe by Large WHO GMP Facilities.

As the product mix dictates, ZIFAM serves a very large and varied customer base in its target markets. This entails not only the use of latest multimedia technology but also latest marketing concepts, fine tuned to the customer needs.